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Triplett Digital Multimeters
Triplett Analog Panel Meters
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Analog Panel Meters
Ordering Guide   1 " Meters 
    Square Case Style
    Rectangular Case Style
  2 " Meters
    Square Case Style
    Round Case Style
    Rectangular Case Style
Analog Meters
Case Style
and Construction
  3 " Meters
    Square Case Style
    Round Case Style  
    Rectangular Case Style
G Series Options   4 " Meters
    Rectangular Case Style
VU Meters   5" Meters
AC Motor
Load Meters
  6" Meters
Edgewise Series   8"Meters
Ruggedized Series   Decibel (db) Meters
WS Series   RF Thermoammeters

Panel Meter Accessories


Ordering Guide

Links to Universal Bargraph Series   Links to The TB Series
Universal Bargraph Features   TB Series Features
UB Dimensial Drawings   TB-52 Compact LED
UB Single Channel   TBD-52 1/8 DIN LED
Remote Programming Module   TB-101 Single LED
Main Module Specifications   TBD-101 Single LED w/Digital Display
Input Module Specifications   TB-202 Dual LED Bargraph Indicator
Output Modules Specifications   TBS-41 Square LED Bargraph Indicator
RS232 Serial Communications
  TBSD-41 w/Digital Dislay
  TBS-51 Square LED Bargraph Indicator
  TBSD-51  w/Digital Dislay
  TBD-41 LCD Bargraph w/Digital Display
  TBSD-101 w/Optional Relays
  Dimensions for Rectangular Bargraphs
  Dimensions for Square Bargraphs
  Dimensions for TB Series Panel Cutouts

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    We accept Visa - MasterCard - American Express 

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